Welcome to Islington's choice-based lettings

Search & bid for properties

You can search for properties that are available to place bids. You will be able to place bids on properties one less bedroom than you need but not on homes larger than you need. Bidding is open every Thursday to Sunday. 

How to bid for a property

To be able to bid for homes in Islington, you need to be registered for housing in Islington and have a minimum of 120 points or more, and have been issued with a user ID and pin number. 

Available private sector opportunities

PSO(Private sector opportunities)

Find out about renting in the private sector, your rights to decent accommodation as a private renter, and how you can help get empty properties back into use. 

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Options available for tenants

Options for tenants

Find out what options there are to help you find a suitable home, including home swaps and moving out of Islington. 

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Islington Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership

Find out about shared ownership schemes that let you buy a share of a property, and pay rent on the remaining share you do not own. 

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